Joy 12CM12 Continuous Miner for Sale at MEKTUNNEL.  Two machines available, 12CM12-B, 2011 machines with low hours (approx 2000 each).  Refurbished and ready for work.  Contact MEKTUNNEL for more information on these Joy 12CM12 Continuous Miners. In addition, we are now offering 2 x 2004 Joy 12CM12-11Bx Continuous Miners that have just come off work.. read more →

Longwall Shields, Shearers, Ploughs, AFC – Available at MEKTUNNEL. MEKTUNNEL is now offering an extensive inventory of longwall shields and other related equipment such as shearers and AFC.  All of our equipment offerings are of major western brands such as DBT, Bucyrus, CAT, Joy and Eickhoff.  Thousands of longwall shields available. We are now also able to.. read more →